Desserts – Miscellaneous


Pizzelles are always out at Christmas and around the table for all to enjoy. Sometimes they even come out in the summer, acting as a cone for ice cream.  


Sfingi – Sicilian Fried Dough

The Sfingi is a Sicilian dessert that we always make St. Joseph’s Day. The Joseph’s Day feast always includes pasta with lentils for the main course and occasionally the corn beef for those in the room more interested in St. Patrick’s Day. For dessert, the Sfingi would come out, along with […]


Struffoli – Italian Fried Dough Balls

Are you looking for an easy to make Italian dessert? This Struffoli recipe is easy to follow and will quickly become a family favorite. You really cannot go wrong with any recipe that is essentially fried dough in the shape of little balls. Note that the Struffoli is also referred […]