About Us – A Sicilian American Family Story

A Sicilian American Family Story

A Sicilian American Family Story

A Sicilian American Family Story sounds like a great title for a Hollywood movie. Our last name is not Soprano or Corleone. 🙂 Our family, like many who came to America during the 20th century, were filled with dreams of a better life. We went from a small village in Sicily named Santa Caterina Villarmosa on our way to Boston, Massachusetts.

My mother came here at the age of 16, traveling only with her brother, who was a couple of years older. We have had our ups and downs, but one thing always brought us together; food. Sunday dinners were spent around the dining room table, enjoying Nana’s recipes as a family.

My father has captured all of those recipes in his book of recipes. Many of them written merely as a list of ingredients with no directions.

We will add recipes from the old book as we go forward, sharing pictures as well. Forgive us as we may share the occasional Sicilian American Family Story to give you a better sense of our family.

Note that we may discover along the way that the old family recipe came to us from sources other than Nana. We have a great Holiday Mold recipe that we make every year, and most of us have believed it came from Nana. It came out of some magazine in the 1960s, but no one remembers which one. Forgive us if we share these with you as well. They are part of who we are, and we want to share that with you.

We chose to post our Sicilian Ricotta Pie, first, as this is one of our oldest and favorite recipes. Give it a try and share your feedback.

Please sit back, eat up, and, we hope you enjoy this journey. See you around the table on Sunday. Mangia!