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It’s Gravy not sauce in my house


 It’s Gravy not sauce! At least that is what my Nana always said. If anyone ever dared call it sauce she would quickly correct them. 🙂 I know, I know. Italians have been arguing about this since at least the time that they began coming to America. If you see […]

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Sfingi – Sicilian Fried Dough


 The Sfingi is a Sicilian dessert that we always make St. Joseph’s Day. The Joseph’s Day feast always includes pasta with lentils for the main course and occasionally the corn beef for those in the room more interested in St. Patrick’s Day. For dessert, the Sfingi would come out, along with […]

Ricotta Pie

Sicilian Ricotta Pie


 This Sicilian Ricotta Pie recipe came with my Nana from Sicily. However, the real master of this Italian Ricotta Cheesecake is my father, the master baker. My father was always a jack of all trades, construction jobs, machine shops, and… baker. Yes, he went to bakery school and was always […]